MİTAŞ Group operates in the design and production of steel structures for AIS and GIS type of substations as well as mobile substations between 11 kV and 750 Kv, capacitor bank platforms, solar energy plant steel structures, railway signalization poles, camera poles, industrial steel structures and any types of accessories thereof in accordance with customer specifications and as per the applicable international standards.

Priority is given to design the products with an optimum number of parts and simple connections with a high degree of rigidness in order to provide easy installation of the structures. Design process includes the preparation of static analyses, production and installation drawings as well as production cards of the structures. The whole process is performed and carried out by a special team of qualified engineers, using well-known design, modelling and drawing programs.

All the structures designed and developed are manufactured by means of CNC machines in factories within MİTAŞ Group. Welding procedures, which are often needed for such types of structures, are carried out by certified welding operators using welding robots in accordance with the requirements of European, Canadian and American welding standards.