MİTAŞ Group offers services for the design, production and logistics of steel towers at the world-class standards in the telecommunication industry, as being the approved manufacturer by many well-known GSM operators.

The designed and manufactured telecommunication towers are mainly categorized into two groups as lattice type and polygonal type. Ground and rooftop towers can be varied as 3 or 4 legs. Further, radar, communication, TV-FM, satellite, meteorology and observation towers as well as wind turbine supporting systems and special type guyed towers are designed and manufactured according to customer specifications.

Since the telecommunication infrastructure has a room for development, R&D efforts are focused and cost-efficient, high capacity, and elegant products compatible with environment and human health regulations are developed by a team of qualified engineers in line with customer specifications and applicable international standards.

Following the design of verification of the towers by means of prototype assembly, they are manufactured by means of CNC machines in the factories within MİTAŞ Group. On-site supervision services for installation process are also offered for customers if requested.

MİTAŞ Group has been given many awards such as the best supplier and the cost leadership by GSM operators as a result of its efforts to develop the infrastructure of the telecommunication industry.